How The Key Eats Program Works

Key Eats is a heart healthy ketogenic program that will help you lose weight, improve your health, and feel better. It is built on the best science and emphasizes plant and fish-based foods, with flexibility for your personal favorites.

3 Pillars of Key Eats

1. Food

On Key Eats, you will be able to eat delicious, healthy foods that fit your personal preferences.

• The key to success is getting into a state of “ketosis” which happens when your body switches to using fat as it’s primary energy source.

• To get into ketosis, it is generally necessary to limit carbs to under 30g per day. This is important.

• We’ve outlined what food to eat, how much to eat, and how to get it in this guide.

2. The Keyto Device

The Keyto Device is your secret weapon to reaching your goal. Use it 2-3x a day when you first start.

• By blowing into the device, it tells you your level of ketosis. We can it your “Keyto level.”

• A low Keyto level (1-3) means that you are not in ketosis. Your body is using carbs/sugar for energy.

• A high Keyto level (5-8) means that you are in ketosis. Your body is using fat for energy.

• Get your level high by limiting carbs and eating lots of healthy fats. The best fats come from plant and fish based foods, but you can also enjoy other fats as well.

3. The Keyto App

The Keyto App gives you all the information and support you need to succeed. It includes:

• Key Eats Code: A searchable database of foods and recipes organized so you can quickly find and see if an item fits the program.

• Key Eats Radio: An audio series where we break down and discuss core concepts about the Key Eats program, and interview world experts on food and health topics.

• Recipes and Meal Plans: We’ve assembled 100s of recipes and meals plans that give you ideas on what to eat.

• Key Eats Community: Join 1000s that are also committed to improve their lives and feel better on the Key Eats program.

• Resources: Search any question that comes up and find answers.

How to Succeed with Key Eats

Rule 1: When starting, eat only foods that are in this guide, or have a green rating on the Key Eats Code.

Rule 2: Use your Keyto device as a guide for how you’re doing. Don’t worry about tracking calories or macros. Don’t weigh yourself in the first week.

Rule 3: When you are hungry, eat. Once you are full, stop. Avoid eating if you are not hungry and follow the serving sizes from the “Meal Planning Guide” section.

Rule 4: Commit to being more strict in the beginning. The cool thing about ketosis is once you are on the program for 4-6 weeks, you have more room to experiment and “cheat.” It’s important however to start off strong. You can do it.

Rule 5: Have fun. The Keyto device makes living this healthy lifestyle like a game. Do your best to keep your level high, and you will reach your goals. 1000s have and you will too.