The Plant-Based Key Eats Program

A plant-based keto program to help you lose weight and optimize your health.

What is Key Eats?

Key Eats is a heart-healthy ketogenic program developed by experts, and used by thousands to lose weight and improve their health. The program guides you on what to eat through the Keyto Breath Sensor and Key Eats App.

What you'll be eating

You may not have thought it was possible to be plant-based and low carb, but it is! On Key Eats, we'll guide you to eat delicious, healthy foods that make you feel full and satisfied. The key to success is getting into a state of “ketosis” which happens when you eat healthy plant-based fats, and limit carbs and sugar.

Keyto Breath Sensor

The Breath Sensor is your secret weapon to reaching your goal. By blowing into the device, it tells you your level of ketosis. We call this your Keyto Level. Keep your level high, and you'll know you are on the track to success.

The Key Eats App

The Key Eats App gives you all the information and support you need to succeed.

Key Eats Code

A searchable database of low-carb ingredients and recipes.

Key Eats Radio

An audio series featuring doctors and experts, dedicated to helping you succeed with Keyto and the ketogenic Key Eats Program.

Community Groups

Join thousands of others committed to improving their health using Keyto and the Key Eats program.

Recipes & Meal Plans

Hundreds of delicious recipes and meals plans that give you ideas on what to eat.

Expert Resources

Search any question that comes up and find answers.

Download the free app

Get your free plant-based keto resources on the Key Eats app, available here: